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Analyze, Strategize,

Hello! I'm a Graphic Designer With a

Focus in Branding and Advertising.

Let's Have Design
Work For You.

About this

Graphic Designer

Through branding strategies and
visual messages. I am both passionate
and driven to design only the best!

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BFA Graphic Design & Digital Media, Academy of Art University, 2016 - 2021


Sagah Management Inc. (Freelance)

Innovation Media Labs (Freelance)

I craft content that works!

In a nutshell, or box, I began my creative adventure pursuing Photography and eventually transitioned into Graphic Design for my Undergrad. Having traveled throughout Asia, my experiences overseas has allowed me to bring a different perspective of branding and advertising work to the United States.

Filling my time with creative adventures and hobbies gave me a strong sense of fulfillment to pursue a career involving creativity. It allowed me to appreciate the time and effort it took to plan creative endeavors. Gradually
I began developing my focus towards branding and advertising pursuits, in hopes of bringing a level of excitement and passion to creative problem solving.


branding social logo digital advertising print graphics
research motion
 email UI/UX marketing 




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